Win a Rusty Surfboard

** The winner has been drawn! Luke who posted – “Nate Yeomans for selfish reasons. I scored one of his boards at easter and it was absolutely magic…” you have won a brand new Rusty surfboard! A big thanks to everyone who participated! **

To celebrate our new range of Rusty Surfboards at Tonik we’re giving away a brand new custom shaped surfboard!

How to Enter:
Simply leave a comment below telling us who your favourite Rusty Team rider is and why (make sure you leave your correct email address!). We’ll announce the winner on the website.

While you’re waiting for us to draw the winner come and check out the new crafts for yourself at Tonik Barwon Heads – you’ll be impressed.

Win A Rusty Surfboard

75 thoughts on “Win a Rusty Surfboard

  1. Connor Blackwell says:

    i’ll go for Jayke Sharp cos he’s a young Aussie. i really liked the moves he pulled on Rush TV a while ago. i think he could be a contender for the world champion title in a few years!

  2. Dan Mawdz says:

    Jayke Sharp!!!- Anyone who can wear a mostly white wetsuit and pull it off has my vote. Not to mention he drinks carlton draft and listens to old punk music!!! need i say more……… 🙂

  3. Todd says:

    Josh Kerr. Should’ve been a pilot he spends so much time in the air. He could also have been a bird. Not an emu but a bird that flies, like a pterodactyl. He’s good in the air and in the water so maybe he should’ve been a bird that does both, like a Kingfisher or a Gannet. Is he amphibious? Surely he has gills. He gets some good barrells too, so maybe he should’ve been wine or whiskey. Maybe whiskey becasue he is a smooth cat. Josh Kerr is a prehistoric-amphibious-flying-feline of some description. Definitely Josh Kerr!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Josh Kerr just cause he is killing and representing for the young blokes round the world yeeeew frother!!!

  5. kyle says:

    jay davies cause he has the best style ive ever seen i love it he nuts and he surfs for rusty and rusty is the best .

  6. Justin says:

    Josh Kerr,
    cause when i met him he was a major sweet dude and was my inspiration to start surfing, Major sick dude, not to mention he rips up.

  7. Debbie O'Donnell says:

    My birthday is coming up pretty shortly 50th what better way to celebrate it than to learn to surf…@:-)

  8. Keana Russell says:

    My favourite Rusty team rider would easily be Kerzy (Josh Kerr) because he’s from tweed (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!!) and he’s got a good personality as well as being an awesome surfer!(:

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